The Necromancers Alphabet Title Edited Resized.jpg

The Necromancer's alphabet

Enjoy hand-painted watercolor illustrations by Jocelyn Fernandez and an original story by ClockWise Studios' own Billy Rouse

A is for Abandon

When you take up the bells, the cloak, the staff, etc
You will be shunned.
Later, you will be hunted.

It isn't fair
But very little about Necromancy is fair.

"It will be worth it though."

You will repeat this to yourself so many times it will become instinctive knowledge.
Like a prayer.

Or the Alphabet.

B is for Bells

The dead have their own language.
It is soft chimes and deep ringing gongs and synthetic bass.
It is cries and piano keys and fraying cello strings.

And at its most mundane,
it is bells.

One day you will be fluent in the Language of the Dead.
If you are lucky, that day is a long way off.

C is for Clandestine

The first sparks of power will not be enough.
The Magics that you seek cannot be obtained all at once.
They must be learned.

And Earned.

From old books that inexplicably escaped burnings.
And ended up locked away in library basements.

In rooms that nobody wants to clean, and so are forgotten.

Waiting to be stolen.

They are the first things you will steal. But not the last.