Talking ClockWise Season 02 Episode 01: Talking Freelance Illustration with Andrea Radeck

First episode of Talking ClockWise Season 2! We're finally getting to that content we promised you!

Join us this week as we talk with illustrator Andrea Radeck. She tells us all about what social media works, how to run a kickstarter, and how to work with an artist and sound like you know what you're talking about.

Check out Andrea's portfolio here, buy her book, Caelum Sky, here, and follow her on twitter here!

Talking ClockWise Episode 11 - Letting Projects Go.... also Sniffles

Apologies in advance for any sniffles. We've both had colds for a while, but we've gone too long without a new episode!

In this episode, we talk about some projects that we've kind of let go of for now, and we talk about our new approach to social media.

We also discuss some new podcasts that we're working on....

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Talking ClockWise Episode 10 - Feedback and Criticism

It turns out we've been getting listener feedback for months now, it's just been going to our spam folder! So in this episode, we go through your kind messages, talk about getting criticism, and do our first ever listener brainstorm.

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Talking ClockWise Episode 9 - Onward and Upward!

In which Corey and Billy talk about... something probably. 

Our Kickstarter is complete and we're already moving forward to other projects. 
Corey has been working on a new tile flip/exploration game called Atlantis. Billy has been working on getting some components made for Six Sided Summoner. Listen and see how those are going!

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Things we talk about:
Dungeons of Arcadia


The League of Nonsensical Gamers

The Six Sided Summoner Dice Base

Talking ClockWise Episode 08 - We Won Kickstarter!

In which Billy rambles for a while about the Kickstarter campaign for the ClockWise Dice project and tries really hard to not say "uh" all the time. *spoiler - he does not succeed* 

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Here are some links to things we talk about:

Our Kickstarter Project:

Our manufacturer- Q Workshop:

The Isometric episode that features our ad (It's around the 42 minute mark):

Admagic - The manufacturer we got quotes from for Folktales and Six Sided Summoner:

The dice facebook group we joined:

Talking ClockWise Episode 07 - Kickstarter! And Other Project Developments

Welcome Fandas!

A few weeks ago, you heard us brainstorm some ideas. Well we've been developing them and we have some big updates!
*note that we are now aware we were pronouncing Kitsune wrong. We are sorry*
For starters, we are launching our first Kickstarter Campaign. By the time you listen to this, it will almost certainly be up. You can get a link to the campaign on our website here:

Other stuff we mention in this episode:

King of Tokyo -

The manufacturer we've been using for our dice is Q-Workshop. You can check them out here:

And the person who did the final design for our dice is Mariah Donner. You can find her here:

Talking ClockWise Episode 06- Brainstorming New Projects

In which Corey and Billy do some extended brainstorming.
Folk Tales is taking a while to get off the ground, so we decided to brainstorm some new ideas! By the time this goes up, we will even be working on both!

We would also like to introduce a new segment to the podcast. If our listeners could send us the their game ideas, we will start brainstorming and developing them during our brainstorming segments. Send us your ideas on our contact page and we'll try to talk about them.

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Talking ClockWise Episode 04 - Interview with Our Graphic Designer

Original Post Date: December 07, 2015

In which Billy interviews Mariah Donner, the woman behind the ClockWise logo, about the graphic design process. Learn what the a graphic designer goes through when working on a board game (or any project really) and why it's so important to have one. 

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Check out Mariah Donner here:

Find other graphic designers here:

Talking ClockWise Episode 02 - Talking Storytelling

Original Post Date: November 08, 2015

The title says it all, folks!  Corey and Billy have a nice discussion about Storytelling in tabletop games.  This week, we also introduce our first ever segment:  "Brainstorming!"  We each come up with an idea for a game and pitch it for the first time.  This is just our normal brainstorming session, only we recorded it.  

Things we mention:

Folk Tales:

Betrayal at House on the Hill:

D&D, Magic the Gathering, Wizads of the Coast:

Winter Tales:

Talking ClockWise Episode 01 - Our First Podcast!

Original Post Date - October 28, 2015

In which Billy and Corey discuss Folk Tales and their feelings about the design process thus far. Feel free to comment and leave suggestions. Don't forget to check us out on itunes.
Music by Corey Lang

Things we mention:

Folk Tales:

Betrayal at House on the Hill: