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Six Sided Summoner!

Designed by William Rouse with art by Javier González, Six Sided Summoner is a cooperative tactics game, like Pandemic or Zombicide, and inspired by the tower defense genre and popular MOBA games such as Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

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During the game, four players can take control of mythological guardians to fend off the forces of darkness. Rather than concerning yourself with your own safety, your goal is to work with other players to defend a crystal at one end of the game board from enemy Shadows. Move your characters around a tactical grid to place traps and ambush enemies.

Abilities and enemy behavior is determined randomly each game for lots of replay-ability. Additionally, the game comes with 6 guardians, each with their own unique play style and abilities.

For more ways to play, we are including a 2 player versus mode that lets you pit your strategy and character combinations against a friend.

© Javier Gonzales 2016 - Inkgolem

Key Features Include:

Rich fantasy artwork.

6 unique guardian characters Each playable character has their own play style and twists. Different attacks and passive abilities mean each one feels entirely different!

Cooperative tactical gameplay allows you to combine your ability and put your heads together to come out on top.

A wonderfully illustrated tactical grid with varied terrain The map can be further altered during play by placing tokens with your guardians' special abilities.

Randomized abilities for both players and enemies making each game unique! Additionally, enemy abilities are revealed over the course of the game, meaning you'll have to stay on your toes and improvise new strategies.

1 to 4 player cooperative mode

Two player competitive mode for increased playability and competition. Estimated 1 hour play time.

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