Track 07 - The Rat

Hey there guys,

Here's the thing.  The way that we do music on the podcast is they're all single takes and they're all 100% improvised.  It's fun and a good learning experience, but it also poses a couple problems.  If you produce something you aren't necessarily happy with, you have to decide whether or not to be true to your vision.  Do you delete and start over fresh or do you post it and let people hear it?

I decided to post it.  I'm not super happy with the way it turned out, but it is available for your listening pleasure, or if you're me, listening displeasure.

It's called The Rat because I was listening to the song Windfall by TheFatRat when our Kickstarter hit its goal.  I now feel a weird connection to that song so this is how I feel about it in song form.

Happy Listening!