Track 02 - Deep Red

Hey guys,

Here's the audio for episode 2.  It's called Deep Red.  You know how this works, so I'll just give you some fun facts about our recording process, that you can tell your friends, family, and complete strangers.  

Fun Fact #1 - This is called Deep Red because as I was moving, I had to take the curtains down off my big picture window in my living room, revealing a large tree.  When I recorded this, we were in the throes of autumn and the tree was, you guessed it, deep red.

Fun Fact #2 - The soft arpeggio section of Deep Red is from a song I've previously written called "Wedding Dress."

Fun Fact #3 - These fun facts are actually written by Corey.  I just wanted to tell you that so I don't have to rewrite this blog post.  

Anyway, I hope you had a ton of fun reading these facts.  I sure had fun writing them.  Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast.


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