Track 08 - Burglart

Hey everyone!  I hope you enjoy the newest track!  It's a bit on the lighter side compared to some of the more recent tracks, but it's probably about time for that right?  It's called Burglart, and honestly, I have no idea why.  For the life of me, I can't remember.  But anyway, thank you to those of you that listen to these.  We've been getting some positive feedback that it's good for studying, so hopefully if any of you have finals coming up, you can use this newest track to ace them.

Happy gaming and thanks for listening!


Track 07 - The Rat

Hey there guys,

Here's the thing.  The way that we do music on the podcast is they're all single takes and they're all 100% improvised.  It's fun and a good learning experience, but it also poses a couple problems.  If you produce something you aren't necessarily happy with, you have to decide whether or not to be true to your vision.  Do you delete and start over fresh or do you post it and let people hear it?

I decided to post it.  I'm not super happy with the way it turned out, but it is available for your listening pleasure, or if you're me, listening displeasure.

It's called The Rat because I was listening to the song Windfall by TheFatRat when our Kickstarter hit its goal.  I now feel a weird connection to that song so this is how I feel about it in song form.

Happy Listening!

Track 06 - Roots

Hey guys!

We're really excited to bring you this track.  It's called roots because it's in a similar style to our first track, New Beginnings.  The reason we're so happy is because not only has the sound card been fixed, we also have a new microphone and a brand new amp.  Basically, we're going to be trying some cool new stuff now that we have rad equipment.

This is the music used in episode 7.  If you haven't heard about it, please check out our kickstarter if you're reading this before April 13th 2016.

Thanks!  And happy listening!

Track 05 - She

Hey guys,

So, I decided to avoid using my amp on this track because I officially need to replace it.  So this is acoustic.  Unfortunately, still dealing with a bad sound card.  New equipment is on the way, though.  Cool stuff happening soon.  Anyway,  This is a riff I've always been fond of, so I really enjoyed playing around it.  Still got that loop idea going.  

Anyway, happy listening!

Track 04 - Under the Stairs

Hey guys, I feel like I need to tell you some info about this:

  1. I used an old loop pedal I had lying around to make this
  2. My computer's sound card went bad (but, what are you gonna do y'know?)
  3. My amp has a somewhat blown speaker

Basically, a lot of obstacles were...ignored to bring you this track.  Hopefully we'll fix some of these problems soon.  

Track 03 - Bindle

Do ya'll know what a bindle is?  No?  Well it's the handkerchief on a stick you see in the old cartoons.  That's what I was thinking when I was playing this.  It just seems like you're walking down a dusty path with no real destination.  Anyway, hope you're having a good week.

Don't forget to check out Talking ClockWise for updates!  Happy listening!

Track 02 - Deep Red

Hey guys,

Here's the audio for episode 2.  It's called Deep Red.  You know how this works, so I'll just give you some fun facts about our recording process, that you can tell your friends, family, and complete strangers.  

Fun Fact #1 - This is called Deep Red because as I was moving, I had to take the curtains down off my big picture window in my living room, revealing a large tree.  When I recorded this, we were in the throes of autumn and the tree was, you guessed it, deep red.

Fun Fact #2 - The soft arpeggio section of Deep Red is from a song I've previously written called "Wedding Dress."

Fun Fact #3 - These fun facts are actually written by Corey.  I just wanted to tell you that so I don't have to rewrite this blog post.  

Anyway, I hope you had a ton of fun reading these facts.  I sure had fun writing them.  Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast.


The Guys from ClockWise

Track 01 - New Beginnings

Hey guys,

We've decided to make all of our media posts available and free and whatnot because, well, we just think that's a cool thing to do.  This is the background music of our first episode.  

All music is recorded by Corey in an improvised musical brainstorm similarly to how we produce all of our other content--spur of the moment and largely impromptu.

This song is called New Beginnings.  If you have any further questions about it, feel free to contact us here.

Happy Gaming,

Corey and Billy from ClockWise Studios