Quick Pitch - Spiral Bound Game Boards

I was browsing around Kickstarter the other day when I came across an idea I hadn’t really seen done before courtesy of Near and Far (sequel to Above and Below). And that idea is… Game Board Notebooks.

The idea here is that instead of having a single cardboard game board, you could have an entire spiral bound notebook where each open page is an entirely new board.

Why was this idea so exciting to me? Well, we are at a stage with our projects where we are going back and forth with manufacturers trying to optimize the quality of our board game while staying under a reasonable retail price. And something that kind of surprised us - you can print an entire book for pretty close to the cost of a game board. There’s a reason paperback novels go for $8-$10 in a bookstore.

This means that we could essentially include 10 completely unique game boards in Six Sided Summoner for the cost of one. Taking this idea one step further: We could print a notebook on normal notebook paper with 100 blank boards that the players could help create. Imagine the freedom and versatility of creating a role playing encounter, but in your favorite board games. As a designer, there is a lot of freedom here. Ask anyone who has seriously considered publishing a game and they’ll all tell you that a big part of going to print is trimming the fat out of your project. Cutting down on the number of cards or player boards to get the cost down to that $40 retail price.

The only downside? The boards are printed on paper. High quality paper, the kind of thing you would see in an art book, but it’s still flimsy and doesn’t quite hold up to the same kind of punishment. As a player, I’m not sure my games really see enough use to make 10 game boards worth that quality drop. But as a designer, I feel compelled to explore the creative space.

What do you think? Is not having a sturdy board worth a lot of potential replayability?

Let us know your thoughts.