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We are pleased to announce the launch of our first official ClockWise Studios game!  Kickstarting in early 2017, Six Sided Summoner will put you in control of one or more of six mythical monsters defending a medieval town from shadow creatures.  Six Sided Summoner is unique in that you will use your custom designed dice as your game piece and vice versa.

© Javier Gonzales 2016 - Inkgolem

Just to give you a taste, we'll show you a piece of one of the boards.  We're really happy with the way this is turning out and we hope you are, too!  You will be defending this town as one of six creatures.  Here's some concept art for a few of the creatures you'll be using.  These are laid out in this strange way because they are the faces of the dice.

In addition to these 4 creatures, you will have access to the horrifying Scarecrow and the powerful Forest Guardian.  We'll upload concept art for those once we have them!

© Javier Gonzalez 2016 - Inkgolem

And finally, here's the Cockatrice illustration to give you folks a character preview.  It's about 95% done as of now.

Thanks for checking out the game guys!